Hold an event for Ukraine

Rally, protest, parade, vigil

  • Subject
    • Celebrate or commemorate a date
    • Urge action
    • React to recent news
    • Protest a policy
  • Location
    • At a central public location – eg, town square
    • In front of a relevant monument or memorial
    • Highway overpass
    • In front of a politician’s office
    • In front of a company doing business with Russia
    • In front of a Russian diplomatic compound (embassy, consulate)

Advocacy event

  • Call-a-thon to Congress
  • Letter-writing workshop (to Congress, Letters to the Editor, etc)


  • Sell crafts
  • Set up an info/fundraising table at a fair or farmer’s market
  • Charity concert
  • Charity dinner
  • Picnic
  • Garage sale
  • Auction / silent auction / raffle
  • Movie screening
  • Borshch cooking contest
  • Group sports fundraiser – bowling, archery

Crafts workshop

  • Pysanky Easter eggs
  • Flower crowns
  • Christmas spider
  • Paint a Christmas ornament
  • Painted rocks
  • Any other craft that someone in your community can volunteer to teach

Public outreach activity

  • Beyond flyers – hand out:
    • Ribbon pins
    • Mini flags
    • Sunflower planting kits
  • Organize a charity run
  • Ask people to fill out cards for Ukrainian soldiers / medics / schoolchildren
  • Art exhibit
  • Flash mob
  • Lecture / panel with experts

Give back to the community

  • Clean up a park or street
  • Tree planting
  • Free arts & crafts activities for kids
  • Donate blood

Tips for events

Send out a press release to the local media – TV, print news, and radio. Send via email, and call the newsroom phone number to confirm receipt.

Is it a “positive” event? Invite your member of Congress!

Invite your member of Congress

Check when your member of Congress is in district (instead of in Washington DC):

Use this info to check when your Senators and Representative will be in DC, and when they’ll be at home in their state/district.