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How much time can you spare to advocate for Ukraine?

A couple minutes a month

Assignment: Call your Congressperson’s office when we flag an important request for them.

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Are you willing to make a phone call or write an email, in order to support Ukraine in a truly vital way?

You can give your opinion to Congress in any of the following ways:

  • Call an office;
  • Leave a voice message;
  • Send an email.

Your voice can make a big difference. Your members of Congress need to know that they have voters who support continued help for Ukraine.

If you’ve never reached out to Congress before, don’t worry – we’ll be here to guide you through the process!

1+ hour a week

Join our national grassroots team of volunteers!

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Our volunteer community is an unofficial grassroots spinoff of the American Coalition for Ukraine.

We’re looking for volunteers who can help us out with one or more of the following tasks:

  • Internet research
  • data entry
  • graphic design
  • essay writing
  • letters to the editor
  • …and more.

Do you have an idea for a volunteer project that could help Ukraine? Come pitch your idea to our network of volunteers!

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We will never sign your name to anything, except at your specific request.

Data use policy:

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