#Cheer4Ukraine: Holiday campaign 2023

Dear friends of Ukraine: Help us amplify this call for messages of support for Ukraine! US decision makers need to hear how important this issue is to Americans.

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Existing posts on social media that you can share:

Call for action: Suggested post caption

This year, when you take a group photo with your loved ones – ask them to take one extra! We need you to tell US leaders that you and your family are cheering for Ukraine this holiday season.

== What to do: ==

1) Make a sign.

Either handwritten or printed is great. We suggest the text “Cheer for Ukraine”. Some other options are: “We stand with Ukraine”, “Pray for Ukraine”, “Together for Ukraine”.

2) Take a photo

When you gather for a group photo, ask the photographer to take one extra photo of all of you, where your sign is visible in the picture.

3) Post to social media and tag:

— a) your home state(s) – eg, #Michigan, #Florida

— b) #Cheer4Ukraine

Our team will make sure your post gets forwarded to the offices of the members of Congress in your state.


Want to do more to support Ukraine? Call up your member of Congress to tell them to support US aid to Ukraine. You can even call after hours or during the holiday, and leave them a voice message.

Full instructions at: https://bit.ly/call4ukraine