Ukraine Action Summit in DC – 12-16 April

We need people from across the US to come to the Ukraine Action Summit in DC!

This is your chance to visit the office of your member of Congress, and tell them why supporting Ukraine is so important to you and others in your area.

Help us fill in the map of the US and reach as many members of Congress as possible.

Here’s how to check how critical a particular district is:

  1. Wait for map to load – can take a few seconds.
  2. Zoom in all the way until you see your town/neighborhood. (Your official place of residence determines which Congressional district you belong to.)
  3. Click on the map over your area.
  4. A popup will tell you which district you belong to, and how critical your attendance would be at the Summit.

Map key:

  • Blue = confirmed signups.
  • Yellow = critical districts – signups needed.
  • Gray = regular district, no signups so far.

Ukraine Action Summit (Spring 2024)

By the American Coalition for Ukraine: Join us at the Ukraine Action Summit Spring 2024 in Washington, D.C. to discuss ways to support Ukraine through collaboration and advocacy!

April 12 – April 16, 2024

Washington DC