#LetUkraineStrikeBack against Russia

Link to this page: bit.ly/LetUkraineStrikeBack

Ukraine is fighting with one hand tied behind their back.

Current US policy FORBIDS Ukraine from striking targets on Russian soil… even when Russia is shooting at Ukrainian cities!

Here in the US, we need to:
  • Allow the weapons we’re sending Ukraine to be used to maximum effect.
  • Let Ukraine show Russia and China what American weapons can do.

Call Congress

Call your Representative and Senators at (202) 224-3121, and tell them to let Ukraine fight back!

What to say when calling Congress

For your call to be logged, introduce yourself with basic details: Name, whether you’re a constituent, ZIP code.

  • I want to request that your office contact the Administration (the White House, the Department of Defense, and Department of State), to request that they allow Ukraine to use US weapons to strike military targets within Russian territory.
    • ** Note: The office will almost certainly say that the administration does not listen to them. Ask them to send this message anyway!
  • Please also convey this same message to your party leadership, and ask them to do everything they can to remove these unjust restrictions on Ukraine.

Contact the White House

Call the WH: comments line: 202-456-1111

Text (SMS) the WH: (302) 404-0880

Add the White House to your contacts

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The USA needs to #LetUkraineStrikeBack #UncuffUkraine Our "Russia Safe Space" protection policy needs to end! #LetUkraineStrikeBack #UncuffUkraine No more "safe space" policy for Russian missiles! #LetUkraineStrikeBack #UncuffUkraine It's time to change this unjust policy that is costing lives every single day. #LetUkraineStrikeBack #UncuffUkraine Rocket launchers aimed at shopping malls are NOT entitled to safe zones! #LetUkraineStrikeBack #UncuffUkraine Children deserve safe spaces. The missiles being fired at them DO NOT! End this absurdity and #LetUkraineStrikeBack! #UncuffUkraine

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