Nonprofit? Get free stuff via TechSoup: verification process for nonprofits

What is TechSoup? is a 3rd party service that many big companies like Google use to verify nonprofit organizations. Registering with TechSoup is a necessary step In order to receive many of the free and discounted offerings available to nonprofits. Many of the most significant corporate grants to nonprofits are only available through TechSoup – for example, Google’s nonprofit offerings.

Though not a household name outside the nonprofit world, TechSoup is well-known and respected within it. They are trusted and used as an intermediary by corporations like Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Slack, and more.

Registration is completely free, and so are many of the grants available through their website. 

Who is eligible?

From the TechSoup website:

Is your organization a 501(c)(3) nonprofit or library? It probably qualifies for donated and discounted technology products from TechSoup. Find out which donation programs you’re likely eligible for by entering your organization’s information [on this page].

How to register

Get started:

Fill in the details on this form, and they will follow up with you by email.

During the verification process, you will need:

  • Basic org info: Address, phone number, website, etc
  • EIN (federal, not state)
  • Annual operating expenses (estimate) – explanation here
    • Note: Your budget does not affect your registration or eligibility for products. It is just part of their standard intake form.
  • IRS determination letter – A scanned hard copy, not a Word file.

If you get stuck at any point, this article may be able to help.

If certain info is not easily findable on your org’s official website, you will receive this request:

While Techsoup can confirm your 501(c)(3) status, TechSoup was unable to independently validate your organization’s type either because we could not locate your website or because information published there is insufficient to clearly establish which type is appropriate.

Please create and send us a letter of clarification. This letter should:

  • Be written on your organization’s letterhead
  • List your organization’s primary mission
  • List activities and programs that illustrate your organization’s purpose
  • Provide a contact name, email address, and phone number

You may also provide additional information in the form of pamphlets, newsletters, or annual reports to help clarify your organization’s mission. Because eligibility for particular TechSoup donation programs is partially based on your organization type, it is important for you to provide sufficient material for us to make an informed decision on your eligibility.

Here is an example letter of clarification.

If you discover that any of the information in this doc is inaccurate or outdated – let us know!