Tell Senator Mike Lee (UT) that Americans support helping Ukraine

Utah Senator Mike Lee is publicly calling to cut off all US aid for Ukraine.
He is even sharing links to outright pro-Russian propaganda pieces via his Twitter page, where he has over 120 thousand followers.

Senator Lee apparently thinks this will appeal to his voters. Other fringe members of Congress are watching to see how the public responds. If Utah residents stay quiet, more will follow his example.

We need you to prove that anti-Ukraine policies are NOT the path to political success.
All you need to do is make a 2-minute phone call.

Utah residents: Please call up Senator Mike Lee’s office at 202-224-5444, and tell them what you think!

Your message on this phone call should contain 3 basic points:

  • My name is __
  • I am a resident of Utah
  • I strongly support continued US aid for Ukraine.

If you get an answering machine, leave a message with the above points, and anything else you have to add. The office staff will listen to the messages and log them later.

Please share this message with all the Utah residents you know who support Ukraine. Please ask your friends and family to call too, and tell Senator Lee what they think about this issue.

Share this email and the attached graphic as widely as you can! (No credit/attribution necessary.)